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In the early 90s, on my way to completing baseball tryouts, I passed by the school's auditorium on my way out to the field.  I heard laughter coming from the auditorium stage and peeked in through the huge, propped open wooden doors. I saw a student on stage reading from a script, other students sitting and standing, all of them smiling or laughing and they seemed to be having a great time. I continued down the hall and then stopped suddenly.  Something came over me.  Slowly, I turned around and thought of the saying that Robin Williams recently made popular: Carpe Diem.

After my first role in Lil' Abner, I went on to act in every production until the end of my high school career.  I also starred in a short film, did some work at local production houses, began music lessons and composed, recorded, and performed music at local festivals.  Since that fateful day my passion for theater and "stage" has continued to grow.  I have spent my career in sales and sales management, which ask any sales person, is the closest thing to acting I know.  I decided the day has come to return to the "stage."

Since 2015, I have immersed myself into the commercial and local film community. In that short time, I participated as talent in a several national commercials and industry films, (appr 50 short films) and (5 feature films). I  was awarded best actor for my work in  a local production: Payday. I can play a wide range of characters and continue to test my range and ability. One of my very recent projects, Fugue, allowed me to do my own stunts (collision via hit by a moving car: rolling up the car and off onto the paved street) under the coordination of an experienced, award winning stuntman. Another interesting role was Adolf Hitler in Supermen World War. That was a challenging role. I entered a monologue from that film into a contest and placed in the top 25. 


Hit Play

Lead / Charlie

Directed by Parker Roth

(2018) Merit Award for Performance


Lead - Daniel

Directed by Gabe Sheets

Supermen World War: Fan Film

Supporting / Hitler

Directed by Donald Callahan​

(2018) Awarded Best Supporting Actor

The Box

Lead / Stanley​

Directed by Doveed Linder


Supporting / Charles Monroe

Directed by Wesley Jennings Hastings

Interviewing Monsters

Supporting / Man in Green

Directed by Thomas Smugala



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